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The University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca is the successor of the prestigious Higher School of Agriculture of Cluj, founded 145 years ago, in October 1869, under the name of Institute of Agronomic Studies, Cluj-Manastur. In 1906, the Institute reached the Academy level, becoming the Academy of Agriculture of Cluj.

The University comprises five faculties, departments, a library, two research Institutes, museums, cafeterias, administrative and technical services, establishments for practical training, recreation, social services, etc.

 The University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine campus covers an area of more than 20 hectares, having a complex micro-relief. The local soil and climate have developed in time a specific flora and fauna, which can be seen and admired day by day.

Classical and modern buildings provide a good infrastructure for Conference Proceedings.

Letters of invitation. If you need an official invitation, please send an email to:

A letter of invitation does not imply any financial support from the conference organizers.

OFFICIAL LANGUAGE. The official language of the conference is English.




Arrival at Cluj Avram Iancu international airport

The airport is situated about 8 km from city center, which can be reached only by road (buses and taxis are available, taking about 30 minutes to reach the center). To reach the city center, Taxis are available any time (about 6-8 EURO).

Recommended are the bus no. 8 and the trolleybus no.5,  (one ticket 6 Ron). The payment is recommended to be made in the official Romanian currency – Ron (1 EURO = about 5 Ron). Currency exchange offices are available in the airport.

Other Information

Local time. Romania is on East European time zone.

Money and Banking

Local currency: The Romanian currency is the RON, plural RONI. All cash payments must be made in the local currency. In order to get acquainted with our currency, please visit the National Bank site at: 1 Euro = 5 Ron

Changing money: currency exchange & bank cards. All major credit cards are accepted. ATMs are readily available in the town.

You may exchange cash (preferably Euro, English pounds, or US dollars) in all the banks (open 9.00 – 17.00) or Exchange offices (some of them open 24h). Please note that in most small shops and at the local market, only cash payments are accepted. It is not recommended use change facilities at the airport since less good exchange rates are offered.

Telephone, electricity

The international code for Romania is 40; in order to make an international call from Romania you must dial 00 followed by country code and number. Romania is well covered by mobile phone operators (the main ones are Orange and Vodafone) and if you come from Europe you will be able to use your mobile phone.

Electricity: 220 V, 50Hz. Standard 2-pin European plugs are used in Romania.

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