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Scientific Session
1. Working-Group: Sensory Analysis
1. Quality and Properties of Bee Products
2. Working-Group: Honey Analysis Methods
2. Challenges and Standardization Methods for Honey and Honey based products
3. Working-Group: EU Honey
3. Authenticity of Bee Products (Botanical and Geographical Origin)
4. Working-Group: Authenticity of Bee Products
4. Bioactive Compounds and Health Effects of Bee Products
5. Working-Group: Geographical and Botanical Origin
5. European Legislation regarding Bee Product’s Composition and Contamination
6. Working-Group: Residues
6. Bee Diseases: Natural Treatment Approach vs. Chemical Methods
7. Working-Group: Non Apis Mellifera
7. Bee products from Non Apis Mellifera: chemistry, properties and bioactivity
8. Working-Group: Pollen
8. Palynology and Melisopalynology in Bee Products Authentication
9. Working Group: Propolis
9. Challenges in propolis extracts standardization

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Oral Presentations
Participants who have papers accepted as oral presentations will confirm their effective participation in the Conference in order to be included in the final scientific program and Book of Abstracts (no later than April 10th 2024). In case the oral presentation does not take place, they will inform in due time the Organizing Committee of the section concerned. 
The conference rooms will be equipped with projectors and computers. Internet access will be available at all times during the conference.

Poster presentations
Participants who have papers accepted as posters will confirm their effective participation in the Conference in order to be included in the final scientific program (no later than April 10th 2024). Posters will be displayed in the morning of 23rd April 2024, in the hall of the Life Sciences Institute and will be presented in the sections where they are registered. The authors will be asked to present their posters according to the poster number specified in the program of the Conference. The required size: max. 594mm x 841mm (A1).

By ticking the below tick box, I hereby give my consent for the personal information which I am providing in this application to be processed and recorded by the organizers and any other third parties, as necessary , in order to process this application as permitted by Romanian Law.

For a data received-confirmation request, or for any other details; you can send an email to, with the following subject tile: Full Name-Abstract Name-Confirmation request. 

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Scientific Committee (in alphabetical order)

Prof. Ofelia ANJOS, PhD


Gudrun BECKH, PhD  

Prof Miguel VILAS BOAS, MSc, PhD

CS I Otilia BOBIŞ, MSc, PhD

Prof, Daniel S. DEZMIREAN, MSc, PhD

Maria DIMOU, MSc, PhDD

Biol. Panagiota GOTSIOU, MSc

Bioch. Cristina MATEESCU, MSc, PhD


Prof. Maria Teresa SANCHO, MSc, PhD

Prof. Andreas TRASYVOULOU, MSc, PhD

Scientific Commitee
Organizing Committee
  • Daniel Severus Dezmirean

  • Otilia Bobis

  • Adela Ramona Moise

  • Victoriţa Bonta

  • Claudia Paşca

  • Adriana Cristina Urcan

  • Lelia Pop

  • Alexandru Giurgiu

  • Adriana Maghear

  • Daniela Baciu

  • Gabriela Baci

  • Sara Botezan

  • Antonia Cucu

Organizng Committee
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